Challenges are designed by organizations needing innovative solutions to fintech problems. Each Challenge is advertised to hundreds of experts and entrepreneurs worldwide with a deadline for submission – ranging from one to four months. 


Comet Challenge
Basic level challenge where Fintech Galaxy supports an existing challenge managed to an alternative platform by promoting it through our network 


Star Challenge
Our Standard challenge typically lasting two months include access to our database of our global brain power, digital marketing support, advertising on the Fintech Galaxy portal, access to Fintech Galaxy content, and review and short listing by the advisory board 


Galaxy Challenge
Our premuim challenge include all of the benifits of the star challenge in addition to a full demo day including flights for three winners, room rental, food, beverage, and event management

Once the deadline for submitting solutions is passed, Fintech Galaxy’s Advisory Board of experts reviews the submissions and provides the challenge-setter with a short-list of solutions. It is then up to the challenge-setter to choose one or more partners, and engage directly with them for implementation or further development. The winning solution will normally receive a cash prize, a business contract or other benefits, depending on the type of challenge.
Challenge-setters are asked to choose a category from the following list to help us to route each challenge to the right segment of startups and entrepreneurs. 


We have categorized the market as follows:

  • Infrastructure and cyber security
  • Blockchain
  • Digital currencies and wallets
  • Money transfer and digital banking
  • Capital markets and trading
  • Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer Lending
  • Artificial intelligence and robo-advisory
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Insurance
  • Credit scoring and data analytics 


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